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Dilution Control - Spartan Chemical

Spartan COTG® #15 Clean By Peroxy® All Purpose Hydrogen Peroxide Based Cleaner - 2 Liter Bottle
482002; pale blue color, spring rain fragrance; a proprietary surfactant blend combined with hydrogen peroxide to form a product with effervescent cleaning action to quickly remove everyday soils & greasy residues.
Green Seal certified

SDS Sheet

Spartan COTG® #17 TriBase® Multi-Purpose Cleaner - 2 Liter Bottle
483002; golden yellow color, natural citrus fragrance; a BioRenewables product formulated to clean a multitude of soils on a variety of surfaces. With three main biobased materials, it's a non-VOC, less toxic, biodegradable product

SDS Sheet

Spartan COTG® #18 BioRenewables® Glass Cleaner - 2 Liter Bottle
483502; light blue color, crisp waterfall fragrance; a bio-based product designed to clean mirrors, glass & Plexiglas® surfaces; incorporates a state-of-the-art surfactant system offering excellent surfactant/wetting agents with emulsification abilities through the use of more readily biodegradable alternative surfactant chemistries.

SDS Sheet

Spartan COTG® #101 Green Solutions® All Purpose Cleaner - 2 Liter Size
351102; dye and fragrance free; no phosphates, non-caustic, no solvents, biodegradable, neutral pH; incorporates a state-of-the-art surfactant system eliminating the need for nonyl phenol detergents; packed 4 bottles per case

SDS Sheet

Spartan COTG® #102 Green Solutions® Glass Cleaner - 2 Liter Bottle
351202; dye and fragrance free; no ammonia, no alcohol, no solvents; moderate pH; Green Seal Certified; a quick drying; ecologically sound, environmentally conscious glass cleaner formulated to quickly penetrate, emulsify and remove dirt quickly and with minimal effort

SDS Sheet

Spartan COTG® #103 Green Solutions® Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner - 2 Liter Bottle
351302; clear liquid, no fragrance added; a neutral pH, quaternary disinfectant cleaner formulated to kill a broad spectrum of micro-organisms on high gloss floors, walls and other hard, nonporous surfaces; deodorizes, disinfects; perfect for use in operating rooms and patient care facilities

SDS Sheet

Spartan COTG® #104 Green Solutions® Carpet Cleaner - 2 Liter Bottle
351402; dye & fragrance free; an extraction carpet cleaner that features a powerful, low-foaming surfactant system
for fast, effective extraction cleaning that is friendly to most types of carpet; non-corrosive, non-flammable, biodegradable, solvent free; dries to an easy to remove crystal; contains anionic wetting agents; packed 4 bottles per case

SDS Sheet

Spartan COTG® #105 Green Solutions® Industrial Cleaner - 2 Liter Bottle
351502; dye and fragrance free; a non-toxic, heavy-duty, product formulated to tackle difficult cleaning tasks; contains a super surfactant cleaning system; contains no phosphates, no caustics & is biodegradable; accomplishes cleaning and degreasing with a low pH and no solvents; packed 4 bottles per case

SDS Sheet

Spartan COTG® Green Solutions® Stainless Steel Lock & Dial Dispenser
945600; made from nonporous, corrosion-resistant stainless steel; for dispensing Green Solutions® or Clean On The Go® 2-liter concentrates at 3.5gpm & 1gpm; lockable.

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